Thursday, November 7, 2019

In the Beginning

This will be a Blog about my journey from being a guy who knows a little bit about wireless networking to a guy who knows a little bit more about wireless. I come from humble beginnings of a geek who bought old broken 386's and 486's from a thrift store and learning how to get them working again and running coax network cable through the heat vents so I could play Warcraft and Command and Conquer with my sons. My first foray into wireless was with the venerable Linksys WAP 11 and all the goodness that came with 802.11b. As I was the only one in my neighborhood with a broadband connection (go figure) I decided to share and built my first point to multi-point network with some of my neighbors using WAP 11's ripped out of their cases and put in external enclosures and an omni antenna I built and installed on my roof and some cantennas at my neighbor's houses. I've since evolved but that was a learning experience.

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